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Measuring Performance of Transit Operations

Transit Intelligence

What is Transit Intelligence? Quite simply, it's Business Intelligence for Public Transit Agencies. We apply the concepts of standard business intelligence to help keep transit managers informed of their Light Rail, Fixed Route, Demand Response, and Taxi operations.

We apply these concepts on two platforms: Microsoft, on it's SQL2005 Server database, and Oracle, on it's 10g database.

TransitSTATS is our Microsoft-based data capture application, that collects Transit Intelligence from direct connection with Genfare Internationals' GFI farebox application, and remote data capture via web apps. That data is compared to HASTUS or TRAPEZE fixed route and para-transit schedules, and Ridership errors are identified, and corrected via on-line forms. Ridership data is extracted from GFI each night, and is staged for error correction. Once Ridership errors are corrected the corrected transactions are promoted to a production table, and imported again into an optional data mart, OLAP cube, and Executive Dashboard.

Our TransitFACTS, Transit Intelligence solution is based on Oracle 10g and connects to over 20 source systems within the transit agency, and provides enterprise-wide Key Performance Measurements using the following measures:

  • Error Corrected* Ridership & Revenue
    • Revenue Miles and Hours
    • Dead Head Hours and Miles
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Safety
    • Coach Operator
    • Vehicle
  • Profitability
  • Coach Operator Utilization and Performance
  • Labor Relations
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Automatic Passenger Counter (APC)
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)
  • Payroll, Garnishments, Attendance and Retirement Benefits
  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Contracts, Encumbrances, Purchase Orders

* Error Correction is an automated process that compares the GPS coordinates of each Ridership boarding to the stop id from which the passenger boarded. If those coordinates are within 300 feet of the stop, are directionally congruent, then the route, driver, run, trip, pattern are all validated, and if necessary, are corrected. A Manual Error Correction process is available to override any automatic corrections. The corrected rows can be used to update Genfare International's Software.

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