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On Time provides implementation and project management services to Public Transit Agencies Bus Operations for Radio, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Automatic Passenger Counting (APC), Schedule Adherence Systems (SAS), Fixed Route Scheduling (Giro's HASTUS and Trapeze) , and Genfare International Farebox (GFI) systems.

On Time can help you navigate through the Public Transportation marketplace to identify qualified vendors, to develop accurate Request for Proposals (RFP's) , and to define clear and comprehensive systems specifications. We are assisting Public Transit Agencies to review potential vendors, to facilitate pre-proposal vendor meetings, to evaluate the proposals, and make wise vendor selections.

Once a vendor has been selected, we work closely with our clients to define project plans, execute implementation projects that meet their specifications and project milestones. We also assist the selected vendor in configuring, installing and unit testing their applications so that every process and procedure has been addressed and tested, prior to the client's user acceptance testing process. By working closely with both client and vendor we enable the vendor to get their systems to be "road worthy" as soon as possible.

As part of the user acceptance phase of the project we validate the GPS accuracy of the APC, AVL, and GFI transactions by exporting the results of the Radio systems to a GIS vendor, where they are plotted on Transit Maps. These Maps provide visual proof of the vendors' data accuracy.

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