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Affordable Ridership Analytics for Small to Medium-Sized Transit Agencies

New Features

Executive Dashboard shows Enterprise Performance at a glance

Summary Transit Operations performance can be updated and displayed with the click of a button:

  • Average Daily Boardings per Month and Year
  • Total Revenue Miles and Hours by Contract or Direct Ops, Route, Month and Year
  • Total Daily Boardings by Transit Day with Trend Line
  • Total Daily Revenue by Month and Year with Trend Line

Ridership Analysis Cube answers, "What's in your Enterprise?"

Our Ridership OLAP Cube provides Transit Managers with a multi-dimensional view of their entire enterprise - Contract, Direct, Taxi and Demand Response operations.

Transit Analysts can easily interrogate our Ridership Cube to view summarized Ridership, Revenue, Revenue Hours and Miles, and Dead Head Hours and Miles. Operations performance is measured by year, month, type of day (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday), Peak and Off-Peak Hours.

Drill Down to various levels of summary until they reach each hours' TTP/Key amounts.

Direct Operations and Contract Operations can be quickly reviewed by year to year, yearly, quarterly, monthly, day-type, daily Peak and Off-Peak totals by route, Run and transit day.

Contract Operations billing can be audited from highest to lowest levels of detail.

Queries of the Ridership Analytics Cube in Excel can saved in with a single click.

Key Performance indicators gauge Route, Run, and Trip performance at a glance.


  • Imported and Manually Entered Ridership data can be reviewed and edited on line.
  • Monthly Reported NTD Reports (MR10, MR20) are now provided with the Ridership Cube.
  • Revenue and Dead Head Hours and Miles are reported by day of week, subtotaled by Area, and Grand Totaled by Source.
  • Purchased Ridership Summary displays Ridership by Weekday, Sat, Sun, TTP/KEY, and Route
  • Staged (for Editing) Ridership Transactions are classified by Transit Date, Route and TTP/KEY

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