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What's in your Transit Enterprise?

Transit Intelligence Capabilities

One of the most difficult tasks for transit operations managers and transit board members is making sense of all minute statistics from numerous disparate transit applications. Not only are they baraged by a mountain of minute statistics, they must be confident that these statistics are accurate, and are interpreted properly. They need accurate Intelligence, Transit Intelligence, to get a 360 degree view of what is truly happening within their Agency.

Decisions based on Facts, not Fiction:

Our Transit Intelligence applications, TransitFACTS for larger agencies, and TransitSTATS for smaller agencies, allow base managers, route planners and schedulers, all levels of operations managers, and board members to view their Taxi, Para-Transit (Dial-a-Ride), Contracted and Directly-Operated daily operations performance, as well as accounting, payroll, and procurement performance.

KPI's, not embarrassing Black-Eyes:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) can identify areas for improvement or reasons to celebrate improvements.

KPI's, based on Revenue Vehicle Miles and Hours, can be analyzed weekly, monthly, annually, and with rolling 12-month averages.

Boardings Performance Ranking by Day and Route, NTD reporting, special funding (Sales Tax) usages, and by Service Type: Rail Feeder, Local, Express, Community are part of the 26-page standard monthly Ridership analytics package.

Emerging issues, opportunities for improvement, dangerous points of failure, new growth opportunities, optimized fixed-route schedules, unclassified revenue, farebox abuses, unsafe vehicles and drivers, or ineffective vehicle and driver utilization, can be targeted and managed.

Risk Management:

  • Identify Coach Operators who have frequently violated policy, are frequently absent or tardy, or who are accident prone.
  • Occurrence (Accident) Analysis to determine preventability, road, lighting, and weather conditions, intersection design, and cost of litigation and claims.
  • Vehicles or parts that prone to break-downs or are costly.
  • Fare Evasion or Pass Abuse can be closely monitored.
  • GIS integration to map out trends in occurrences, boardings, and alightings.

Better Decisions result from Better Data:

  • Farebox Error Correction to determine distance from stop , correct driver, vehicle, direction, route, run, trip, pattern, and stop.
  • Correlate Farebox, Automatic Passenger Counting, and Manual Passenger Counting boardings, alightings, on-stop dwell time.
  • Integrations to GIS maps to illustrate route schedule adherence, and on-time performance.
  • Schedule Improvements for Coach Operators and Fixed-Route Schedule can be made based on daily performance indicators.
  • Passenger feedback on Routes, Coach-Operators, Schedules, and Vehicles can be carefully monitored.
  • Accounting, Payroll, Retirement Benefits, and Procurement policies can be improved, and costs contained.
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