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We are experienced Oracle Data Warehouse specialists, experts in the design, implementation, and operation of Oracle Data Warehouses using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB).

Oracle Data Warehousing

Our team of Data Warehouse Developers can reorganize and optimize your data from any UNIX or Microsoft Applications into an Oracle Data Warehouse using OWB. We have extensive experience in the Public Transit Industry, creating Data Marts from the following applications:

  • Genfare International's (GFI) Odyssey Bus Fare Collection System
  • Giro's Hastus Transit Scheduling
  • ACORS Coach Operators
  • ETS Maintenance
  • Sungard's IFAS Accounting
  • Lawson Software HRIS/Payroll
  • OCERS (Employee Retirement System)
Request our White Paper on using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), a case study in developing a Data Warehouse from a payroll application, by contacting us.
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