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Superior Grocers

Superior Grocers

Superior Grocers currently operates as one of the largest Independently-owned grocery chains in Southern California. On Time Consulting Services, Inc. upgraded them to LSF 9.0.1.x on IBM’s iSeries Platform from their previous 8.0.3 Lawson Software S3 Financials and Procurement applications.

The scope of this project upgrade incorporated LSF 9.x Security, and the creation and deployment of a number of interfaces including:

 Sequel Server Integration Services (SSIS)

· Payroll Journal Entry from KRONOS Workforce Central 6.1 to Lawson Software GL
· Garnishment invoices from KRONOS Workforce Central 6.1 to Lawson Software AP
· TCI Category Analyzer’s Bill Back Manager’s Rebates and Promotions Invoices and Customers to Lawson Software AR

Lawson Software’s 9.0.1 AR application was implemented in a limited capacity in order to account for vendor rebates and promotional discounts. While implementation of Lawson Software’s Cash Management (CM) application is a logical option for some clients, Superior Grocers determined that CM lacked required functionality for Credit Card Processing, and was not implemented.
Users of the 9.0.1 Lawson Software® applications were trained on LSF 9.0.1 Portal at their facility, and their IT Project Manager received training in LSF 9 Security. This upgrade project began in April 2009 and successfully concluded in September 2009.

Walong Marketing:

Walong Marketing is a leading importer of Asian Foods in the United States, which it sells through distribution centers and retail stores on the Eastern and Western coasts. To accommodate 2008 BSI Payroll tax updates, the Lawson Software 8.0.3 environment had to be upgraded.

This project was initially delivered, tested, and deployed, on a small Solaris test server. When all of its 16 Lawson Software 8.0.3 applications were working properly, we deployed the upgrade on a large-scale Solaris production server.

However, prior to installing any software on either server, we researched and upgraded the prerequisite software that was required to support this upgrade. We found that Tax Factory, IOS (a component of Portal), JAVA, and MF COBOL required upgrades prior to the actual upgrade. Lawson Environment 8.0.3 Service Pack 7 (ESP7) and Lawson Application Maintenance Toolkit were also installation prerequisites. Once Tax Factory was installed, we loaded its current tax rates and location codes.

We found that deployment time is largely a factor of server processing speed as all 16 Lawson Software applications had to be recompiled at least once to invoke the Environment patches. This project affected the AFO e-commerce website that is Walong's primary supply chain application, and the warehouse distribution centers on the East and West Coasts and over twenty five retail grocery locations.

This project was delivered over a 3 week period and was delivered on time and under budget.

Methodist Hospital

In March of 2006, we were engaged to assist Methodist Hospital of Southern California to draft desktop procedures for AP, PO, IC, and RQ in Lawson 7.2.4. We interviewed users of each application, and proposed recommendations for improvement in Version 8.1.x. Our work was received so well that they commissioned us to do the same project on their 8.1.x product line. The version 8.1.x procedures served as detailed training manuals for AP, PO, IC, and RQ end-users.

In June of 2006 the scope of our engagement was expanded to provide Upgrade and Oracle Administration services. In July and August of 2006 we provided 3 test snapshots of upgraded data for testing.

On Time exported data from one AIX IBM server to a new AIX IBM server, in a new product line in late August to complete the upgrade.

Golden State Foods

On Time has recently completed a project for Golden State Foods based in Irvine, California. Golden State Foods is a food processor and distributor to the food service industry. They provide one-stop shopping to over 2,900 McDonald's Restaurants. As a food processor, GSF produces frozen beef patties, cooked beef crumbles, pork sausage, sandwich sauces, salad dressings, ketchup, dipping sauces, dessert toppings and other food items. The firm supplies over 150 products to 45 countries, and has foreign operations in Egypt, Australia, and Malaysia.

On Time provided consulting services to upgrade the Lawson 6.1.x Fixed Asset System to Asset Management and Lease Management 8.0.3. This involved assisting in writing conversion programs , providing assistance in data mapping, setups, snapshots, balancing, validation testing and quality assurance for the new Lease Management system.

On Time also setup a new web server to implement IOS. Instead of installing IOS on the iSeries, we installed it on a separate Windows 2003 server, running Apache. We provided installation and troubleshooting assistance to make sure all systems were properly configured and running. We believe this to be one of the first deployments of this type of portal application using a remote IOS server with the iSeries. We are currently engaged at other clients using this approach to implement IOS Portal on Lawson iSeries architecture.

On Time also provided assistance installing and configuring MS-AddIns to Lawson.

Major National Fast Food Chain

On Time has completed an engagement with a major national fast food chain on a project to connect their Lawson Software 8.0.3 HRMS suite to a new Workforce Management System and an existing developed restaurant system.

We enabled all 2000+ restaurants to initiate New Hire and Re-Hire transactions, Employee Loan transactions, and Employee Transfer transactions via Lawson 8.0.3 HRMS web forms. Each of these Lawson personnel administration transactions are transmitted automatically to Workforce Management Software at near-real-time intervals. Restaurant Managers no longer have to duplicate their personnel transactions in both Lawson and their existing Time and Attendance system. Loaning and Borrowing restaurants have near-real-time visibility of which employees are available to be scheduled, and can facilitate transfers from restaurant to restaurant via the web.

This project satisfied critical business operations requirements such as: providing immediate verification of eligibility for hire or re-hire; allowing a new employee to clock in and start working within minutes of being hired; eliminating the need to enter Employee transfer information at both Loaning and Borrowing restaurants; and utilizing the unique key generated by Lawson in all applications that use employee data. In addition, the technical design also takes into account current network restrictions, polling operations, and firewall rules in effect.

On Time and all parties collaborated to execute the chains current business strategies and Information Services Technology strategies for streamlining restaurant operations, centralizing on enterprise-based applications, and providing more efficient and comprehensive data and system recovery paths for business continuity.


Tawa Supermarket, Inc.:

Tawa Supermarket, Inc. is one of the largest and most knowledgeable Asian Food distributors in the United States with nationwide distribution and expanding to markets worldwide.  Tawa Supermarket services customers in the following areas - Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Asian Specialty Stores, Restaurants, Independent Grocers and Fast Food Outlets. They have over 5000 employees in 3 locations, and their Lawson Software / Oracle environment encompasses 3 servers, each of which was upgraded during the course of their Lawson Software upgrade project.

On Time provided Lawson Software and Oracle upgrade services for Tawa Supermarket, migrating their APPS 7.2.6/ENV 7.3.3 to APPS/8.0.3/ENV8.0.3, and installing IOS Server. We upgraded the following application modules: GL, AP, AR, BL, OE, PO, IC, AM, and the HRMS suite, including BSI Tax Factory. On Time helped migrate their custom code and integrate their e-commerce web site into Lawson IOS Server.

They were so pleased with our services, they took the time to document it.


Yoshinoya West, Inc. :

Yoshinoya West, Inc., is a rapidly expanding "Quick Service" restaurant chain with over 92 locations in the state of California. Beginning in 1979 with its famous Yoshinoya Beef Bowl, now each Yoshinoya restaurant offers a variety of menu choices. Yoshinoya has differentiated itself from typical American fast food by providing customers with something to eat that is truly unique without giving up value and service.

Yoshinoya relies on On Time for Lawson Software and Oracle database upgrade services.  During our long-term relationship with Yoshinoya, we have also provided various ad-hoc Oracle database recovery and performance tuning services for Yoshinoya West, including emergency disc-failure recovery services.

Yoshinoya has engaged On Time a second time for an upgrade to current versions of Lawson Software GL, AP, AR, BL, IC, PO, and OE applications and Oracle database.   The first upgrade included approximately a dozen custom programs, re-integration of their point of sale application, application testing and data verification, and assistance in resolving an inventory valuation reconciliation issue by developing custom software.

What our clients are saying:

"We were very pleased with the services On Time Consulting Services, Inc. provided during a recent data conversion.

"On Time Consulting Services, Inc. successfully delivered a Lawson Software and Oracle database upgrade for Yoshinoya West, Inc. They installed Lawson Software and Oracle 8i on a new UNIX server, upgraded our applications and custom software, and assisted us with testing and troubleshooting. They have done excellent work, and we are very pleased with their Lawson application and technical support.

"Most recently they helped us to mitigate the downtime of our production server during a disc drive failure. Within an hour of my calling, Kenny Herrscher had his team engaged and we began the recovery process. I don't know what we would have done without them. They really made our project a success! "

--Harry T. Gani , Director of IT


Nemours Children's Clinics:

Nemours mission is to provide leadership, institutions, and services to restore and improve the health of children through care and programs not readily available, with one high standard of quality and distinction regardless of the recipient's financial status. Employing 400 subspecialty physicians and surgeons, Nemours cared for more than 233,000 children during more than 883,000 patient visits in 2002, making Nemours one of the nation's largest pediatric subspecialty group practices with a history dating back to 1936. This is in addition to many ongoing research and education programs conducted at Nemours. Nemours owns and operates the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE, as well as four major children's specialty centers in Wilmington, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Pensacola.

On Time Consulting Services was engaged to implement Lawson Software 8.0.3 Applications and provide System Administration, Custom Programming, and Application Consulting Services. Applications implemented included HRMS, Procurement, Financials, and Portal using Java Script. The project also included webserver configuration and support. Nemours required several custom programming interfaces: positive pay for Accounts Payable and Payroll, time and attendance for KRONOS, and a patient refunds module.


IMS Health:

IMS is a global source for pharmaceutical market intelligence, providing critical information, analysis and services that drive decisions and shape strategies. Just about every major pharmaceutical and biotech company in the world is a customer of IMS. Their unique mix of experience and expertise makes them a critical source of information for help in optimizing portfolios, ensuring successful product launches, managing brands and improving the effectiveness of sales teams. They have been in business for fifty years and have a presence in over 100 countries.

On Time is proud to serve IMS by assisting them in data extraction and compilation of key data from Lawson Software 7.x and 8.x healthcare clients. Working closely with each individual hospital, On Time helps IMS Hospital clients easily extract key data from their computer systems utilizing custom scripts and programs. On Time delivers an easy and efficient way for busy hospital IT departments to provide data to IMS in a timely manner. Our special relationship with IMS Health is yet another way in which On Time Consulting Services serves the Lawson Software community.


Associated Grocers, Inc.:

Associated Grocers, Inc., is on the leading edge of technology, offering its retailers a full line of services including accounting, advertising, equipment & design services, marketing, retail technology, and procurement & merchandising. Membership has expanded to over 230 retailers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. With over 550 full-time employees and annual sales over $450 million, Associated Grocers, Inc. is a key player in the economy of Louisiana. Associated Grocers' mission remains the same, as it was in 1950: The Survival and Success of the Independent Retail Grocer.

On Time Consulting Services provided Lawson Software and Oracle upgrade services to assist AG's internal Lawson Administrator and Oracle DBA to upgrade 7.2.6 APPS/7.3.3 ENV to 8.0.3 APPS/ 8.0.3 ENV.  We created two Lawson Environments and 4 Product Lines to satisfy their current requirements. Additionally, we created the physical Oracle databases to support the Lawson Product Lines. Our project was to create the Environments, Product Lines and Databases so that AG personnel could begin work on the Lawson upgrade.

We worked closely with AG's Oracle DBA and Lawson Software Administrator to perform Oracle and Lawson setup and configuration tasks.  We have also assisted their Oracle DBA with automated backups, and are providing training and mentoring for routine health checks and maintenance of AG's Oracle database environment.


MV Transportation:

MV Transportation is one of the leading passenger transportation contracting companies in the nation with over 6000 employees. MV is also the largest woman and largest minority owned passenger transportation firm in the nation. In 2004 MV was named the 16th largest African American owned company in the United States by Black Enterprise Magazine.

MV has been providing transit services since beginning in 1975. They serve many public organizations today in ongoing paratransit and transit operations contracts.

On Time Consulting Services Inc. assisted MV Transportation, located in Farfield California, in a project to troubleshoot and make performance recommendations for  a Lawson 8.03 system which was experiencing problems.  Analysis was done on specific payroll and application processes. Performance monitoring software was configured and installed to further diagnose the problems leading to specific recommendations.  The engagement also focused on Lawson security, Employee Self-Service, hardware upgrade recommendations for scalability, and SQL Performance Tuning.


Care Meridian, LLC:

CareMeridian specializes in providing a cost-effective, sophisticated subacute care alternative for catastrophically ill or injured patients. Each CareMeridian residence provides short term, long term, and life care programs with 24-hour skilled nursing coverage. Care Meridian's unique program merges the aesthetics of a residential environment within a framework of state-of-the-art technology and service.

On Time upgraded Lawson Software's 7.0.9 GL, AP, HRMS applications to 7.2.4 and 7.3.3 environment for Care Meridian. We also successfully upgraded their Oracle software to version from 8.0.6 to version 8.1.7 for HPUX 10.20.

Care Meridian utilizes our remote Lawson Software development and administration services. We provide weekly Oracle administration and tuning as well as Lawson patch support. They have expanded our scope of work to include Lotus Notes/Domino server development.

Care Meridian has opted for a few hours per week of our support services rather than hire full-time Lawson and Oracle administrative personnel.


Tri-City Medial Center:

Tri-City Medical Center is dedicated to leadership in providing comprehensive healthcare for North San Diego County residents. Administered by the Tri-City Healthcare District, a California Hospital District, the hospital features nearly 400 acute-care beds and a full range of primary care and medical-surgical services.

The Heart Center at Tri-City Medical Center features advanced imaging, the latest techniques in invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures, complete orthopedic service for total joint replacement surgery/rehabilitation spine care, sports medicine programs and mobile Positron Emission Tomography (PET) services.

On Time has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Tri-City Medical Center and we have provided support for multiple projects. Notable projects are an upgrade of Lawson Software from 7.0.8 to 7.2.4 Applications and 7.3.3 environment, and a restructuring of the General Ledger chart of accounts.   The Lawson Software upgrade was accomplished in a Windows 2000 environment running SQL2000 database.  The Chart of Accounts restructuring included a design assessment to identify ways to take advantage of new General Ledger structure and features, and also included the optimization of reports to take advantage of the new account structure.


Giant Industries, Inc.:

Giant Industries Inc., an Oil and Gas retailer in the Southwestern United States, engaged us to build a new Linux server running Oracle 8i and to upgrade them from 6.1.x to 7.1.x of Lawson Software's Insight II Human Resource Management Suite.

We converted Giant's Chart of Accounts, Process Levels, and Departments into a completely new structure within their Lawson payroll application. We created several dynamic PL/SQL scripts to read the structural changes from an Excel Spreadsheet of OLD to NEW account, sub-account, process level, and departmental mappings and transformed the data.

We worked closely with their IT staff to ensure the successful execution of the data conversion, and with their accounting staff for thorough testing.

What our clients are saying:

"We were very pleased with the services On Time Consulting Services, Inc. provided during a recent data conversion.

"The team at On Time was very knowledgeable about Lawson Software and Oracle, and they were flexible when we ad last minute scheduling changes. We look forward to consulting with On Time on future projects."

-- Garet Burns, Lawson Programmer/Analyst


Empire Southwest:

Empire Southwest is comprised of five Empire divisions - Machinery, Power Systems, Hydraulic Service, Precision Machining and Transport. The company's 1000+ employees serve customers in the construction, mining, agriculture and transportation industries in a territory that includes the state of Arizona, southeastern California and northern Mexico. Consistently named as one of the top ten privately owned companies in Arizona (and selected "1994's Most Admired Company" by the Arizona 100), Empire Southwest continues to grow in size and reputation.

On Time assisted Empire Southwesst with a Lawson applications & environment migration from HPUX to Windows2000 server and SQL2000 database.   We worked closely with Empire Southwest personnel to plan and execute the migration of their Lawson Software HRMS application suite.

The project included two complete end-to-end tests of the entire payroll process before going live. On Time assisted with the initial installation, troubleshooting, and first snap-shot conversion. We also assisted Lawson's Global Support organization to get BSI and Lawson live on Windows2000.

Here's another example of On Time working hand-in-hand with our Lawson clients to ensure a complete success!


Tetra Tech:

Tetra Tech, Inc. is a leading provider of consulting, engineering and technical services. With more than 8,000 associates located in the United States and internationally, the Company supports commercial and government clients in the areas of resource management and infrastructure. Tetra Tech provides full service architectural and engineering capabilities for all types of buildings, water resource and environmental management, emphasizing solving critical problems in watershed management, groundwater cleanup, and environmental restoration to ensure clean water supply, productive reuse of economic assets, and sustainable development of natural resources. They also design and engineer facilities for water supply, water treatment, wastewater treatment, storm water management, transportation networks, communications networks, commercial and public facilities, educational facilities, and leisure facilities.

On Time was engaged by TetraTech to assess their Lawson Software installation and configuration, and to provide recommendations for improvements. On Time recommended and implemented technical performance improvements, resolved issues with HR Benefits enrollment, and provided configuration assistance on their Lawson Software SEA application.



Edison Enterprises:

Edison Security, a part of Edison Enterprises, has become one of the top three providers of home security in Southern California. Edison Enterprises is comprised of over 7,000 employees and has over 60 branch offices throughout the United States. Through its acquisition of Westec Residential Security, Edison Security's customer base and 25 years of home security expertise provide an excellent platform for sales growth, cross-selling opportunities and future consolidations in the home security market.

On Time executed a complete Lawson Software implementation project for Edison Security, with approximately 200 concurrent users running all Lawson Software Suites in an Oracle database environment.  In addtion to the implementation of Lawson Software, On Time fully integrated Lawson Software with Clarify, which Edison Security uses as their customer service application, and also developed an automatic interface to send customers with overdue invoices to the Genesis predictive dialer for collections.

We wrote over 100 custom programs for Edison, including a billing engine that bills via direct mail, credit card, direct debit (EFT) and via Southern California Edison's electric bill. Our custom-built billing system, which generates over 100,000 bills each quarter, replaced Lawson's standard billing application and worked seamlessly with Lawson's Accounts Receivable application.

What our clients are saying:

"On Time Consulting Services is among the best at providing accurate, and professional IT Service. It's ability to effectively handle a variety of IT related issues has been most beneficial to my organization."

-- Gary Lysik, Director of Financial Systems, Edison Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA


Longs Drugs:

Longs Drug Stores is one of the most recognized retail drug store chains on the West Coast and in Hawaii. Through more than 470 stores in California, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon, Longs serves the health and well-being needs of consumers with customer-oriented pharmacy services and convenient product offerings that include over-the-counter medications, photo and cosmetics. Longs also provides pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services through its RxAmerica subsidiary.

On Time, in conjunction with TSC Consulting, conducted an IT survey on Longs Drug's Lawson HRMS application suite, which requires a 65 GB database and produces over 21,000 paychecks each week. The scope of this engagement was to assess the strengths and weakness of their original implementation, and to provide immediate recommendations for improvement.

On Time recommended improvements to Lawson Software performance and stability by converting from Informix to Oracle, and upgrading to Paybase 32 and BSI's Tax Factory. We also recommended HRMS administration procedures and hands-on training to simplify their payroll structure and facilitate the verification and reconciliation of payroll cycles.


Alert Staffing:

Alert Staffing is a national staffing service with combined staff industry experience of over 45 years. They specialize in flexible staffing, one-call "On-Site" and "Process Management" for a wide range of large corporations. Founded in 1995, Alert Staffing has become a multi-million dollar company with offices around the country, and one of the first national minority/woman-owned businesses in the staffing industry.

On Time provide a variety of consulting services to Alert Staffing: we upgraded their Oracle database software and tuned their Oracle database instances for maximum up time and performance; we developed scripts to enable intelligent restart of critical data export processes; we created positive pay and cleared check reconciliation files to Bank of America from Lawson Payroll and Accounts Payable applications; we created a custom Accounts Payable aging capability to allow for selecting open payables by date range; and we developed an interface to a third-party benefits administrator from the Lawson database.


Saddle Creek Corporation:

Saddle Creek Corporation is a leading provider of warehousing, transportation, and integrated logistics services, with facilities located primarily in the Southeast and Southwest. Saddle Creek provides distribution solutions for contract and public warehousing, along with specialty packaging, barcoding, inventory management, and logistics outsourcing.

On Time created an AP Positive Pay (including Voids) interface and a Bank of America Check reconciliation service for Saddle Creek. The project was performed remotely in a very short timeframe.  On Time delivered source code and documentation, and provided technical assistance in placing the new code into production. Saddle Creek was pleased with the quality and timely delivery of our work!


The Fountains:

THE FOUNTAINS, based in Tucson , Arizona provides housing, hospitality and healthcare to some 5,000 residents in a unique retirement community setting. The Fountains operates 19 communities in 13 states and no two are alike. The Fountains provides welcome solutions to a variety of situations (service-enriched retirement living, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, or nursing care) and assists families in finding the best option.

On Time helped The Fountains by creating programs to export employee and dependent data from Lawson Software for transmission to outside Dental, Medical, and 401k providers. These modifications enabled The Fountains to provide more timely and accurate data to insurance and benefits providers.


Carolina Biological Supply Company:

Carolina Biological Supply Company is dedicated to serving science and math educators worldwide by providing top-quality teaching materials. Carolina's staff often works with teachers to develop and distribute new products that fill their needs. Carolina not only provides innovative products, but also unmatched customer service and speedy delivery.

On Time developed 12 separate interfaces for Carolina Biological Supply, from Lawson Software applications to Integrated Warehousing Solutions' IRMS Warehouse Management applications. The interfaces involved Lawson's Supply Chain Suite (AR, BL, OE, PO, IC, AP), and were delivered 1 month ahead of schedule!


Boyd Gaming:

Boyd Gaming Corporation is one of the premier casino entertainment companies in the United States, with an impressive roster that includes 12 entertainment properties with operations in Nevada, Mississippi, Louisiana, Indiana, and Illinois.

On Time assisted Boyd Gaming in converting to Lawson Software's Human Resources Management Suite. We implemented Lawson HRMS in 11 properties, representing 15,000 employees in several states.  All 11 implementations were completed in less than 14 months!


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