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Web Development Services.

New Portals Development Training Available!

Introducing new capabilities in the Lawson Software Utilities, Development, Training, and Applications areas.

We can provide onsite training for the following courses at your site:

  • Design Studio
  • Process Flow (Lawson's Workflow Application)
  • All Portal Development technologies, such as XML, Java, COM+, etc.

We can also provide consulting on the following Lawson Software offerings:

  • Lawson Portal, the Web-based Lawson interface.
  • ProcessFlow, Lawson's workflow software.
  • All Portal Development technologies, such as XML, Java, COM+, etc.
  • Information Office (Self-Service Centers, HTML and XML).
  • Broadcasting (batch report bursting software).
  • Web tier installations and troubleshooting (Logan/IOS).
  • All Lawson SDK's, such as COM+, JavaScript, Design Studio.
  • Analytics (OLAP solution featuring either Hyperion Essbase or MS OLAP).
  • Enterprise Reporting (report creation and hosting via Seagate Crystal v10).
  • Microsoft Office Add-ins for uploading data to Lawson.
  • Smart Notification.
  • Miscellaneous desktop technologies (pre-Portal).
  • Lawson Open Component interface tools for use with VB.

Test Drive the Web Form, before you buy it!

Need to deploy something small and don't want to make a big investment in Lawson Web Development technology?

We can help you develop some new Portal content using Design Studio, Java, COM+, XML, or MS Add-Ins to create them, without you having to make the investment in all the tool kits. We are happy to help you build small Proof-Of-Concepts applets or prototypes, using Lawson's current web develop technology. Once you deploy them, and get some user feedback, you can confidently decide to purchase these toolkits, knowing that they can do the job.

We would be happy to discuss your development needs, and can help you build prototypes so that your users' can get an understanding for how these new technologies can make their workload easier and their "on-line" time more productive. Call us for a test Drive!

We can help you integrate work force management via Workbrain on Websphere!

We recently completed a migration for a major fast food restaurant chain who were utilizing Kronos Clocks to a Web based solution for all 2,500 retail locations. This project replaced a large investment in time clock hardware and allowed all of the POS terminals to enter time transactions, hire, fire, transfer and loan employees from one retail location to another. A Toronto Canada based workforce management vendor, deployed their Java solution to all retail stores and Lawson 8.0.3 HRMS at corporate using .Net calls to Lawson's Application Gateway Services (AGS) over a Satellite Network. We were responsible for installing IOS and deploying Portal on three redundant web servers, ensuring constant uptime across multiple time zones. If you need to integrate your web based applications to Lawson using AGS or DME, we would enjoy serving you!

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